Our Moto Adventure training courses are tailored for all motosport lovers who want to learn how to better use and ride their bike in a fun and adventurous way.
The courses take place in our Moto Adv Park in Kokava nad Rimavicou, which is a small charming village in the Slovak Ore Mountains. 
Accommodation is available directly in the village in the Penzión Kokava (a local bed and breakfast). Bookings are available online here:

The training courses options are from a single to multiple days and they are split into 3 groups: 

Individual courses:

One-on-one, just you and your Coach. The entire course is adjusted to your specific needs and your existing skills. The Coach will go with you in detail through everything that you might be interested in and what you’d like to improve in. 

You’ll be quickly able to improve your technique and see your development areas based on some video analytics that are part of the course. 
Group course for beginners:
This training course is aimed for all bikers with no previous offroad experience, who want to try something new away from the public roads to off road terrain in fields or hills. 
We will show you the basic techniques on different terrains, the correct body position, how to approach obstacles, correct breaking and turning, but you’ll also join the group on our rides through the local forest. After this course, no terrain will be a challenge anymore! 
Minimal number of riders per course is 3.
Maximal number of riders per course is 6. 
Group course for experienced riders:
If you are already experienced in offroad riding, but you’d like to develop your skills to the next level, then this course is for you! Interesting and challenging obstacles, single trails and rides, turning and drifting as well as jumping and wheelie … All that your Adventure hearts has been dreaming of! 
Minimal number of riders per course is 3 and the maximum number of riders is 6.
Price list:

1 day training course:

  • Individual course 290€ per person
  • Group course 150€ per person

2 days course: 

  • Individual course 450€ per person
  • Group course 250€ per person

Phased training tailored to your needs and availability can be agreed – contact us for more details.

We are also offering a week long guided adventure trips to Romania. Unfortunately due to the current circumstances related to COVID-19 all adventure trips are postponed.

Tip: Would you like to surprise a biker with an unusual present? Give them a gift that they’ll never forget! 


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